WK2801-Pro - 8-Channel 2.4Ghz Digital Radio System

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WK2801-Pro - 8-Channel 2.4Ghz Digital Radio System

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WK2801-Pro Digital Transmitter Features 1. The WK2801-Pro adopts 2.4Ghz spectrum technology and features automatic code pairing and ID assignment. 2. LCD display of the WK2801-Pro is simple to understand and easy to set. 3. The transmitter case is ergonomically designed and the large LCD display has white backlight with easy-to-read graphics. 4. The length or tension of the controls stick can be adjusted and it is convenient to change the throttle from left to right. 5. The WK2801-Pro supports both helicopters and airplanes. It offers three helicopter flight modes and each flight mode is capable of free setting and adjusting parameter in order to suit the various requirements of F3C or 3D aerobatic flights. 6. Capable of wireless data copy and transfer between two transmitters. 7. Four Adjustable hot keys facilitate easy entry into the set menu. 8. Eight model memory storage. 9. Gyro rate adjustment by transmitter, and convenient programmed hover and 3D flights.   WK2801-Pro Digital Transmitter Specification 1. Encoder: 8 channel micro computer system 2. Frequency: 2.4Ghz spread spectrum 3. Output Power: 100Mw 4. Current Drain: 120mA 5. Power: 1.2V X 8 NiCard (9.6V600mAh) or 1.5V X 8 AA dry batteries   RX2801-Pro 8 Channel Dual Circuit Receiver Features 1. 8 Channel 2. Applying Dual Circuit design, providing High sensitivity and Anti-Interference functions 3. Able to use on Aeorplane or Helicopter hobby model   RX2801-Pro 8 Channel Dual Circuit Receiver Specification 1. Size : 40mm (L) X 28.5mm (W) X 14.5mm (H) 2. Sensitivity : 95dmb 3. Frequency Interval : >= 4m 4. Weight : 10g 5. Receiver Battery 4.8V 110mAh

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