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2RMT - Repair Service, Setting, Update, Test

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2RMT - Repair Service, Setting, Update, Test

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Repair, adjustment, Update, Test, radio programming

We are now able to repair, adjust, install, upgrade, or test all your helicopters Align, CopterX, Walkera.
If you are overwhelmed with repair, installation, setup your model or simply the lack of time, we can help you!

How it works?

1) Use the customization tab (just above), with a brief description of the problem you are experiencing, the update or repair you want. Warning: Certain service application programming of the radio. As the alignment of the board and servos, 3GX programming module, the controller, ... Do not forget to choose this option when adding to cart!

2) You need to choose the form available on the website, as well as the "radio programming" if necessary. After settlement of this formula, we will notify you via email of how to send us your model 2RMT SERVICE. In case of refusal or repair your incapassité model for various reasons, you will be reimbursed in full by re-credit to your credit card or Paypal account within 48 hours.

3) Once we have received your model will be examined and tested. We will offer complementary work according to your instructions if necessary if parts need to be changed or replaced.

4) If you decide not to work, then your model will be re-shipped as soon as possible.

Contract execution


  • The expedition model of customer service 2RMT remains the responsibility of the customer.
  • The shipping service model 2RMT client is included in the package chosen. *

* Only for mainland France. For other countries, please contact us.

This tariff is designed for a single model, if you want to send multiple models, please change the quantity to the number of template to be sent.

This rate is fixed and without extra manpower.
In case of re and / or programming your radio, an additional option is required.

Our SERVICE 2RMT repair / rule / try / program your model (Shipping departing from our premises included). The requested work will be executed and only at the request and consent of the customer. In the case of an incompatibility problem arise, the customer will be informed as soon as possible and will be the sole decision of how to proceed.
In the case of a non-standard model, modified, customized or hacked by the customer service 2RMT not be held responsible for non-execution of repairs and adjustments to this one. The customer must give maximum information about the work to be performed, as well as the exact model and has staff undergoes changes outside the original parts or adapted. Otherwise, the model can be returned to the customer without carrying out the work required and no refund formula chosen.

Spare parts:
In cases where the pieces will change or add to your model, you will be charged at the current price on the website in addition to the already chosen set formula. You will receive an estimate before any work. The customer may not accept the quote and we provide these own spare parts to perform the required work. In this case, we can not guarantee parts replaced.

Back expenses:
The return costs are included in the formula.
If the client no longer wishes to begin work, the model will be returned without refund of the formula in the shortest possible time.

SERVICE 2RMT formulas:

Implementation work after payment within 60 workdays max. (Non-contractual)

Digital Signature:
By choosing this form, you accept the contract execution 2RMT SERVICE.

Important note:
This formula does not take into account the warranty repairs, please use this link to return to your account history for products purchased on one of our sites.

! Attention!
The proposed timeframe is indicative, we will not be held responsible for the execution timeout.

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